Workshop Report : A Brief Explanation about Young Visionary Leaders Training 2015

*Genta Maulana

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude upon the chance that has been given to me and Luna to represent Support Group and Resource Centre on Sexuality Studies, Universitas Indonesia (SGRC UI) at Young Visionary Leaders Training 2015 held by International Committee on Management Population.

The training which was held entirely at a tranquil place in Puncak, West Java, on February  22nd-28th was mostly talking about how would Indonesian youth be able to handle several sexuality-related cases appeared in public, namely youth reproductive health, early marriage, children sexual violence, et cetera. The other thing I can say about the training is that it was an utterly priceless experience for me in learning further about things dealing with leadership, especially those regarding with organizational management. With outstanding internationally-acclaimed experts of each topic agenda discussed, this training seek for long-term usefulness as quoted from Dr. NemuelFatujagana, the initiator of this event, “an investment for Indonesian youth who will lead this country in the future”. He hopes that the participants of this bi-yearly training will be able to be the ones who create beneficial sexuality-related policies in the future.

There participants came from throughout the archipelago from Aceh to Papua. They were 28 Indonesian youths with various organizational, religious, and educational background aged 18-27 with similar interest: Sexuality-related issues. Each of the participants brought different cases which occur on the area they were originally from. The problems were often shocked me personally as they were completely unique to what I might happen to experience, at least so far,in my surroundings. All the cases, experiences, and hopes were discussed, debated, and brought to the floor without any exception. The whole event itself was well-designed by Mrs. Bernadette, the event’s head of committee created, for us to explore our eagerness in learning about Sexuality-related studies, and be aware of the issues appearing in the immediate future or later.

I will take example of a sympathetic case brought by one of our friends, Yvonne Totnai, which happens widely in rural areas in NTT Province. There is a long-lasting traditional custom called “Sifon” which should be implemented to boys whose penis is still bleeding within a week after his circumcision. It is imperative for them to perform sexual activity in form of penetration to a local whore. They should do this sifon ritual because it is believed that those who do not perform sifon they will hardly have an ever-lasting family when they are married; or in another word, they will face divorce. They believe that doing an intercourse on that condition will remove the bad luck which lead to divorce. Divorce is indeed considered as a huge shame for NTT families so that it is urgent to perform sifon. It happens pretty often because any boys who circumcised in NTT are mostly not treated by any medical assistance. What makes this sifon thing a problem, is that this ritual has scientifically proven as one of the STDs can possibly be easily transmitted in NTT. This is why NTT possesses the second largest number of HIV/AIDS victims after the capital city, Jakarta.

Aside from the problems brought by each of the participants, we did pretty much in-depth discussion which revealed the root problems of all the specific problems brought. Since most of the participants were the head of the organization they are representing, we were taught about how to identify certain problems occur in an organization. We were taught to be visionary leaders who will be able to ace as much issues in our organization.Besides learning about all the materials given by the committee, the participants also had fun with several recreations done by games, quizzes, light talks, cultural night where we wore traditional attire, and memorable visit to the famous Taman Safari zoo.


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