Pemutaran Film “Emak dari Jambi” dan Peluncuran SGRC UIN


*Ferena Debineva

Kamis, 22 Oktober 2015.

SGRC UI diundang oleh UIN untuk menghadiri Pemutaran Film “Emak dari Jambi”. Pemutaran film ini mengundang Sutradara Rikky M. Fajar dan Anggun Pradesha. Film dokumenter berdurasi 38 menit ini diputar di Aula FISIP UIN di ruang 507. Acara ini sekaligus menjadi pembuka dalam peluncuran SGRC UIN Syarif Hidayatullah

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Movie Review: Something in the Way

*Erlita Putranti


Reza Rahadian masturbating.

That one simple act is honestly why I was lured after merely 20 seconds of the trailer. In my defense, you don’t get to see an Indonesian movie with such blatant sexual act often – even if we do have a lot of lewd themed movies. And Something in the Way actually talk about sexuality instead of selling sex, so my point still stand. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since mid-2014 and thanks to Salihara, I finally got the chance to do so in time to be a belated birthday celebration too. While it’s not as much of a social critique as I thought it would be, it still was mesmerizing.

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Movie Review : Kapan Kawin?

*Erlita Putranti


I’m not actually a fan of romantic comedy, and only a liner away from losing my faith in Indonesian’s attempt on it. Maybe I’ve seen a little too much of those so-called television movie (or FTVs as most of us know it) and got fed up, or maybe my sense of humor is on a different frequency with the makers. But I rarely found them entertaining and thus barely felt compelled to see one on the cinema.

What makes Kapan Kawin? different, then?

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