Humans are born unique, though endowed with the same basic needs. Sexuality, reproduction, and sexual orientation are fundamental elements of human life and play prominent roles in the organization of human societies. Along with the moment, discussions about sexuality which was once considered as a taboo, is now becoming an important topic in explaining the social phenomenon that occurs in the community. But it still didn’t stop the prejudice and discrimination for whomever that display different expressions related to sexuality.

Academicians have made some major contributions on the efforts to enhance our understanding regarding sexuality, reproduction, and sexual orientation. Ignorance, taboos, and fear can obstruct efforts to study and understand their structural, cultural, and individual impact. From overpopulation to reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, assault and harassment, and sexual dysfunction that has successfully generate controversy through times, culture, policy, religion, intensified by our mass media, often play a hide and seek game with the truth and plot the individual as a perpetrator. Enlightenment, prevention, remedy, and understanding of these complex domains, and the conflicts, regulation, and interventions to which they have been subject to can only be done by interdisciplinary inquiry towards this issues.

SGRC is just in time to develop and support the research and understanding related to sexuality, without forgetting the approach and the welfare of its individual as a parameter. SGRC should be a precursor to the formation of a support group and resource center for research and development of information about sexuality, reproduction, and sexual orientation. Therefore come SGRC which not only aims to reveal the ambiguous facts in the community by providing related sources and information, but also providing support group to ensure the individual’s well being.


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