We believe that working together as a circle helps us to work better together. Our structure is not hierarchical; it’s open to keep the communication going, it’s linked to ensure that even though as a division we’re independent, we’re still working together as an organization.


Our Steering Committee:

  • Ferena Debineva as Chairperson (Psychology  UI)
  • Arief Rahadian (Sociology UI) & A. Khafi Ghon (Political Science UI) as Vice Chairperson(s)
  • Budi Larasati (International Relations  UI) as Secretary
  • Firmansyah (Management UI) as Treasurer

Division Head:

  • Ghivo Pratama (Sociology UI) – Coordinator of Organizational Relations Division
  • Fathul Purnomo (Philosophy  UI) – Coordinator of Education and Review Division
  • Nadya Karima Melati (History UI) – Coordinator of Facility and Finance Division
  • Roberto (Law UI) – Coordinator of Advocacy & Law Division
  • Dimas Mahendra (Psychology UI) – Coordinator of Support Group Division
  • Ris Carolina (Law UI) – Coordinator of Internal Program & Planning Divisions

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